15 Blogging Tips for Beginners to Start High Quality Blog

If you want to start a blog then please read this article.

If you are looking for Blogging Tips For Beginners then you are at right place. Because in This article I am going to tell you 15 Blogging tips for beginners to increase organic traffic.I would like to tell you that blogging career is long term and it takes time get success in life. If you get successful in blogging then you can not thin k about where you will be.

15 Blogging Tips For Beginners to Start New Blog
15 Blogging Tips for Beginners to Start a Blog 

15 Blogging Tips and Tricks for beginners to start high quality blog

 After successful blogging it gives you money and you become popular. while sitting at home you can be successful blogger you don't need to go anywhere just start a blog with the help of this article. I have explained Blogging tips and tricks for beginner to increase website organic traffic. To start a blog career first you have to learn about these 15 blogging tips and tricks as beginners.

We are here for you always if you want to start career in blogging and get success.lot of bloggers don't know how to start blogging and earn money. after reading this article you will not be able to do mistake. I will tell you how to do blogging and provide you Best Blogging tips and tricks.

Research on Blogging 

Mostly bloggers start their blog and they don't have knowledge about blogging. Blogging is like business online for which you have to do proper planning and research about for which topic you want to start blog.you will not get fail if you will do proper planning and research on blogging.

If you want to get successful in blogging and make lot of money then you have to do research about blogging, watch YouTube videos and follow others blog according to your blogging niche.

Blogging Niche

Blogging Niche is the first thing which you have to research and it will describe you about the success and how long it will take to get success in blogging. a successful blog depends on the niche if the blogging niche is good then you can earn in millions. 

If you want to get success early in blogging then you can write micro niche because micro niche get rank faster in google. i have already written article on blogging niche you can check it. 

Top Level Domain List

You want to start blog then please focus on top level domain list which i have explained here. dont go for free domain. you have to purchase top level domain which is .com, .ru, .net , .in , .day , .info , .biz. 

Paid Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting? 

I want to tell you that web hosting is space on the server where your website data will be store and secure.You have to take web hosting whjich is paid. don't go for free hosting provider. there are lot of hosting provider on the internet just select best web hosting plan for your website and start blogging.

Wordpress Blogging

If you really want to get successful blogger then i suggest you to learn about wordpress blogging. I will guide you about How to create blog on wordpress. First just go to wordpress website then there is register option on right top corner just click on register then new window will appear.
It will ask you username and email id just register your account by filling this information. and start blogging on wordpress which is very simple to use. I will make an article on wordpress later.

SEO Friendly and Responsive Theme

when you will create your blog then you have to select SEO friendly and mobile responsive theme for website organic traffic. if your theme will be SEO friendly and mobile responsive your website will get rank easily in google search engine and there will be more chances of getting an organic traffic to your blog or website.

There is website for SEO friendly theme which is Pro Blogger Templates you can get free or paid theme on this website. I am also using theme from this website.SEO optimized, adsense friendly themes are also available here you can choose according to your features and select to your website. Mobile friendly theme i will suggest you to set on your blog.


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