Know About How To Apply Google Adsense Account For Website In 2022

Steps To Know About How To Apply Google Adsense Account For Your Website In 2022

Know About How To Apply Google Adsense Account For Website In 2022

In this article i will let you know that how you can apply google adsense for your blog or website easily and start making money through adsense you can fill the information in your adsense account. how to set adsense payment method in your account and also about your adsense earning. after reading this article you will be very happy to know all about adsense. 

This is updated article about google adsense apply processes. make sure you read all the points carefully and concentrate about the different processes so that there should not be any mistake to get apply google adsense account for your first blog or as beginner in blogging these steps will be very beneficial for you.

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1. What is adsense account and how to make money through your website.

So now lets start talking about the processes to apply google adsense easily. for your kind information google adsense is the best network for contextual advertisements on the website.

Adsense account approval processes are very simple. create new adsense account and your adsense account will be reviewed by the team and then they will accept your application and after that you are able to implement advertisement on your blog or website and then finally start making money.

You must be ensure that your website or blog is compatible with adsense. create or signup on adsense account.then login into your adsense account after that add your adsense account ads code on your website. then submit request review and wait upto 2 weeks for reviewed and approval.

If you add an adsense code on your website then it will be showing blank ads. after adding code to your website it may be take upto 48 hours to reviewing your application. just have patience don't be in hurry. if there will be any issues you will get mail about that so it will be easier you to check and resolve the issues immediately then request again for review your adsense account application.

2. When your application gets approved by the adsense team

While reviewing your website if your blog posts are compatible according to the policy your adsense account approval chances will be high. after getting approval from the adsense team your website will be showing advertisement and finally you will be there to make money through your website or blog.

Steps to apply adsense account one by one and Follow it on your website.

1. Register an google Adsense account

If you want to register an adsense account then you can visit website to register your adsense account. after that you have to give some information which are very important .you have to provide all information correctly like website address which is URL , your name, your address details so that if you get any PIN verification code on given address by you.

2. Login to your adsense account

Just sign in or login to your adsense account then create your ads code after that you have to place the ads code on your website or blog post. you have to paste cods on pages also where you want to show ads.

3. Wait till you get the final approval

Once you have request for review then you have to wait till the final approval got from adsense but till that time your ads will be showing as blank once you got final approval it would be showing advertisements and making money very easily.

4. Adsense account approval confirmation mail

You have to wait at least 48 hours for the final confirmation approval. some time it take two weeks to get approve so you don't need to worry just have patience for the final adsense account approval. Once your application is approved you will get confirmation mail from an adsense team.

5. Adsense PIN verification code for your address 

If your adsense earning reach to 10USD then adsense will post Address PIN verification code to your given address provided by you during apply. it will be reach to your address within 15 days. please dont miss this post because address verification is most important. once you have received your PIN verification code by post just open it and login to your adsense account and enter the PIN easily.

 6. Just Enable your adsense payment Method

Finally you have completed all the steps and in this step you have to set your adsense account payment method to receive your monthly earnings. because when you will complete your adsense earning 100 USD then they will transfer your earning direct to your bank details which you will provide in adsense payment method. if it will be direct bank transfer option you will get your earnings by the nexy month on 21st they process the payment whatever you earned in previous month. If you want to check your adsense earning then you can check very easily anytime just you have to login to your adsense account then there is payment option just click on it and you will be able to see your earnings. It will show the exact earning there. after processing your payments they will send you mail and you have to wait about 5-10 days it depends bank to bank.

Finally i will congratulate you that by this article you will be able to create adsense account and start making money from your website or blog whichever you will make for yourself.

All the information is related to google adsense account. i have explained you all about what is adsense and how you can create adsense account. what are the procedure to apply adsense account how can you enter your details about name, address and website URL. i have explain about payment details also and which payment method is good for direct bank transfer. how long it takes to get amount credit to your bank account. and when adsense make payment to the publishers . so you make plan accordingly and start making money through your blogging and adsense.

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