Trick How To Generate Website Traffic From USA UK Canada Australia

  In this Article I am going to tell you about best ways to generate website traffic from USA ,UK, Australia, Canada.You all know that if your website is ranking in USA ,Canada, UK and Australia then you can make nice income if your adsense is active then you can get CPC 1USD or if you are doing affiliate marketing and your post is ranking in USA, UK, Canada and Australia then you can make huge affiliate commission in lot of dollars. because in this countries affiliate conversion is too much as compared to india traffic which can give you lot of money in dollars.

How to Get Unlimited Website Traffic from USA UK Canada and Australia

Trick How To Generate Website Traffic From USA UK Canada Australia

So guys now i am telling you 8 checklist about how you can get unlimited website traffic from USA, UK, Canada and australia countries which i perform to my website.

1. Domain Name Extension
2. Google Search Console Geo-Targeting
3.Web Hosting Server Location
4. Back links from USA UK Canada Australia Websites
5. Content level Targeting 
6. Local SEO using Google My Business Listing
7. Submit Website to Local Search Engines & Web Directories
8. Use VPN For SEO Activities   

Domain Name Extension

Guys here is the First Important checklist is Domain Name Extension. Guys if you want to get traffic from USA UK Canada Australia then try to buy .com domain name extension. because it will be beneficial to get rank in these countries. avoid .in and other country specific domain name extension. .com will be rank in all the countries. you will get more traffic from usa if your domain extension is .us or .

Google Search Console Geo-Targeting

Now here is the Second cheklist is Google Seach Console Geo-Targeting which will boost your website to get traffic from particular country which you want to target. you can do Geo-Targeting in google search console to target particular country like USA, UK , Canada and Australia. 

1. You can check one option is there in the left side bar of google search console is Legacy tools and reports.

2. Open this tool and you will see an International Targeting.

3. Click on International Targeting and then you will see Country option then select country which you want to target. There are all the countries list it depends on you which country you like to target.

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Web Hosting Server Location

Guys it is also an important checklist which is Web Hosting Server Location. Here i am not promoting anything just i am telling you simple thing for example you want to get rank website in USA and your website is hosted on india server in that case it can take time to load . but if you will prefer web hosting from USA server then it will be more beneficial for you. I have also done this thing my website is hosted on blogger which is google product and it is from USA. Web hosting server location plays an important role for this. if you are planning for any other specific country then try to take web hosting from that specific country and start ranking your website.

Backlink from USA UK Canada Australia Websites

This checklist is also an important if you want to rank website in USA UK Canada and australia then try to take back link form these countries to your website. it would be more beneficial for you in the future. if you will take backlink from these countries then your website ranking chances will be increased. to get backlinks from specific countries then you have to search website on google.

Content Level Targeting

Next Checklist is Content level Targeting it is also an important part. terms which are searched in USA UK Canada and Australia. you have to write content on that topics and terms which are searched in these countries like USA and UK. first you have to find which topics mostly searched in these countries then you have to find keywords according to specific topics after that write high quality content and publish on your website and share to social media.

For example you have writte content on best hosting in india and you are targeting USA country then your website will not be able to target in USA . So try to understand properly and write like this best hosting in USA then you will have more chance to rank your post in USA country and any other specific countries.

Content Targeting plays very very important role to get rank in particular countries. try to write more on that terms and topics which are mostly searched in USA UK Canada and Australia.  

Local SEO Using Google My Business Listing

If you can do Local Google my business listing then it is also more benefits for your website get ranked in specific countries. 

Submit Website to Local Search Engines and Directories

This Checklist is also good point. lot of directory submissions are there online and local search engine submission. just you have to go to google then search directory submission list usa then you will get list. then go to country specific directories and submit your website link there. after that you will get traffic and ranking chances will be increased. 

Use VPN for SEO Activities

It is important for me and i always use this checklist when i rank my post. if you want to rank website in USA and UK and you are working form any other country IP  then you will be at the bottom position. i suggest you to use VPN while posting on your website.
There is one chrome extension for vpn which name is Hoxx VPN , just find it on google and install for your chrome browser and there are list of countries just select where you want to get rank and start working. Hoxx VPN extension is free of cost. you can install it free on your chrome browser.


As I told you in the starting I have explained about ways to generate website traffic from USA UK Canada and Australia. there are 8 checklist which i explained in brief so just try to learn about it and implement on your website. just share this post to your friends also and start commenting here if you want to ask anything about this topics. 

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